Safety is Our #1 Job

How much can you know about a bus company and how safe they really are? Every coach company will claim that they are safe and that you have nothing to worry about… but how can you really know?

There are a few things that you should ask any bus company before you book with them:

  1. What is your safety ranking? To look up any coach company on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s website, click here and then enter the company name (to view Starline’s information enter Starline Luxury Coaches). The highest safety ranking available is “satisfactory.”
  2. Are your drivers trained in the Smith System of defensive driving? This is the leader in professional defensive driving and all Starline drivers are trained in and receive ongoing training in this system. To learn more visit
  3. Have you had any at-fault reportable accidents in the last two years?
  4. Are your coaches outfitted with DriveCam or any similar recording devices? These not only protect the company from fraudulent claims, they also are incredibly valuable training tools for drivers to keep them from hard braking or any erratic driving. Visit to learn more about this system.
  5. Do your motorcoaches have SmarTire® or similar tire pressure and temperature monitoring systems? Learn more about these by visiting