It’s winter and let’s face it you could use something in your life beside the rain, rain and more rain. It’s time to get your friends together and do something… anything. Imagine waking up with the familiar sound of rain on the windows and, instead of dread and boredom, being excited that today this rain translates to fresh powder on the slopes. Today, 15 of your closest friends are all going to head to the slopes for a day of fun, laughter, good food, and a needed diversion from the daily grind.

It all starts early. By 7:00 everyone has come to the assigned location to find a luxury motorcoach with a professionally dressed driver. What they don’t know is that this is one of the safest companies around, that they maintain their coaches to the highest standards, and that this coach is here to get them safely up and down the mountain while they spend the time catching up and truly escaping from all the outside distractions of life.

On the ride to the resort, breakfast is served on the coach while a favorite Warren Miller movie plays on the video system. The boxed lunches and hot coffee are in the back along with all the ski gear. Today is going to be epic.

When you get there, you are dropped off at the front door. No parking and no shuttles, just a VIP reception as you unload all the equipment. Your day is perfect. Sunshine and fresh powder make today the kind of day you see in movies.

As you head home, some sleep, some reminisce about the crazy wipe-outs and beautiful day. All completely immersed in the activity, having completely forgotten about any outside influence.

By the time you get home, even with the aches and pains, you are already planning your next escape! Call us today and let us help you plan a day of epic proportions by speaking to one of our friendly reservation staff.