Clean Engine Technology


Waste Oil Re-burner


Green Transportation Solutions


Certified Recycled Steel Building


3000 Gallon Rain Water Recapture System


State of the art… Eco-Friendly Buildings

At Starline Luxury Coaches we are dedicated to running an ecologically friendly business and have recently finished our brand new facility. We have created a Certified Recycled Steel building in which we used upgraded insulation for energy conservation. Our building is positioned on the property to take advantage of the light and heat available from the sun We also used clear story windows that allow for increased natural light in the workspace. All of our appliances and lighting are energy star rated. We use motion sen-sored lighting, water faucets, paper towels, and toilets are designed to minimize any waste.

Our shop is equipped with a state of the art waste oil re-burner to heat our shop and safely dispose of used motor oil.

We use an oil/water separator to ensure that only clear water reaches the storm drains.

We have installed a Rain Water Recapture system, and we use this water to wash our buses. We use environmentally friendly chemicals for bus washing as well.

And if that’s not enough…we have a recently added electric lines for a 440v charging station in our employee parking for employees with battery operated vehicles.