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    Birthday Surprise Tour

    20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80…. What do all these numbers have in common? They are all birthdays worth celebrating in a very special way. As we get older it becomes more and more difficult to celebrate a birthday with the same gusto that we did as a child. Well the Starline Luxury Coaches Birthday Mystery Tour puts the fun back into a birthday celebration and creates memories that will last the rest of your life.

    It’s 7:00 on your birthday. You’re turning 40. Not much has been said about your big day and you have done your best to downplay it when people have asked what you want to do to celebrate. Downstairs there is a knock on the door. It’s your good friend. He says that he is there to take you to an early birthday breakfast. You throw on some clothes and head outside. Once out there you see the motorcoach and are whisked away before you know what’s happened. Confused, you can’t figure out why you are here, why there are only two people on this huge bus, and where in the world you are going, but no one is talking! Quickly you start to realize that you are headed to your old stomping grounds, the old neighborhood you grew up in. Once you pull in you see a group of people waiting, all your friends from the block!

    They get on and the coach heads off again. Now to your first job, and there are all the friends from there, then to the old church, then the new church and the current job, all along the way picking up people from your past. The coach continues to make stops. Once everyone is on board, brunch at that little French bistro you love, electric boats on Lake Union, and a sunset dinner on the beach with paella and your favorite bottle of Verdelho. The perfect birthday with all the people you love.

    Birthdays are momentous events. They are days when we get to celebrate our relationship with those who we love. Help someone special in your life know just how much you all care, and create that one birthday all future birthdays will be judged against!

    Call one of our friendly reservation agents today and let us help you plan the perfect party!

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